Able Ant provide a range of services to help you get your TV and Home Theatre working at it's best, they include:

Antenna Services

Able Ant only uses high quality, Australian designed Digital TV Antennas and accessories selected for your individual reception environment.

Our antennas are designed to maximize performance and durability, so you can be assured your new antenna will provide reliable reception long into the future.

Our friendly Government Approved Installers have experience in all types of reception locations and use high performance Digital Reception Test Equipment.

Our commitment to building a long term reputation as the best in the business means you can expect the highest level of Service and Expertise.

Contact Able Ant to arrange a FREE Reception Test and get the best advice from the Digital TV Experts.


Unable to receive TV reception from a TV antenna due to your location?

Able Ant can install High Definition VAST Digital TV Satellite Reception Systems for your home. With an optional recording feature you won't miss out on your favorite TV shows.

Free to view Christian Services are available with our Religious Satellite Installation Service.

Portable compact transportable systems are also available for your caravan or motor home so you can always receive high quality High Definition Digital TV no matter where you are. They are also compatible with Foxtel Receivers so you can take your Foxtel with you when you travel.


If you have just bought a new TV or a new piece of equipment you may be wondering how to set it up the best possible way. Confused with all the different types of wires?

We can install your new TV Panel on the wall or ceiling with cables concealed in the wall cavity for a beautiful professional finish.

If you prefer to have your TV installed on a stand or cabinet Able Ant can make sure it is set up in the most easy to use way. Able Ant can unpack and install your new TV and connect it to your existing equipment, or set up you new equipment to your existing TV system.

Not only do we set it up in the best way, we take time to explain how to use it, just to make sure you get the most out of your new TV system.


Whether their big or small projects, Able Ant can design and install a range of different Commercial Digital Display and MATV systems for a range of different environments.

Whether you want to broadcast your own advertising, Sky, Foxtel, Music or Terrestrial TV to multiple displays throughout your premises with ease we can assist by designing and installing reliable systems with commercial grade products.

Custom TV and Display panels can be installed throughout your premises on walls and ceilings with processional results.