Occasionally there are some areas that cannot receive Digital TV from an antenna because they are just in a bad reception spot. Unique reception factors such as trees, mountains and buildings can influence your signal strength and quality.

Luckily there are Free To Air Satellite Services available like VAST. The VAST Satellite Service can help you receive High Definition Digital TV Reception from a satellite dish and decoder.

The Christian Satellite Installation Service allows you receive religious TV programs and sermons in the comfort of your own home.

You can also receive Free to Air reception from a satellite at home or in the caravan. Ask about the EZISAT automatic satellite system that automatically locks on to the satellite and provides you with High Definition Digital TV no matter where you are.

VAST Satellite Service


The VAST service is a satellite transmitted Digital TV service which covers all of Australia. Viewers who cannot receive Digital services from the terrestrial transmitters that serve their area will have access to a reliable free-to-air Satellite TV service which delivers the full range of Digital channels.


Christian Satellite TV


EWTN, Apostlolic Network, 3ABN, JCTV, TBN, The Church Channel, Smile of a Child, God TV, Daystar, Inapiration Network, Hope Channel and more. You only pay for the installation and there is no on going fees.


EZI-SAT Portable Satellite System


Portable Satellite System for Caravans and Motor homes. Easily locks on to satellite for quick and easy satellite reception.